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Class Descriptions

Class Description

Vinyasa Yoga

Duration: 45 minutes

This class is structured to meet everyone’s needs. Diversity inclusion techniques allow all participants of all abilities and age to attend. Participants will experience a meditative mindset, breath work, and Vinyasa Yoga movements.

Vinyasa Yoga connects the breath to the movement. This type of yoga values the essence of the Flow State. Rather than holding a pose for a prolong amount of time, in the Flow State we experience gentle and more natural movement. Vinyasa Yoga is very easy on the body while creating a more balanced body and mind.

Children’s Yoga

Duration: 45 minutes

“Yoga Rascals’ classes for children are imaginative, creative, and most importantly lots of fun! Kids learn a myriad of yoga poses, sun salutations, breathing, and relaxation techniques while traveling on an exciting yoga adventure. Practicing yoga regularly increases flexibility and strength, improves balance and coordination, develops focus and concentration, and promotes a positive self-image. Yoga Rascals classes aim to reduce stress, developing kindness, and nurturing a peaceful mindset-a while having fun!”

Boot Camp

Duration: 45 minutes

Boot Camps are on the spot training that only requires you! No weights needed. No gym needed. All that is needed is you and a safe place to move your body. Together we will sweat and use our own body to build strength. We will get you into shape through various exercise that incorporate cardio, abs, and sculpting. All ages and abilities welcomed!


Duration: 45 minutes

Meditation is a grounding practice that allows you to know yourself better, appreciate yourself and others more, and allows you to get a more relaxed and sound sleep. In this class we will take a few minutes to stretch, do some breath work, and you will be guided into a restful meditation.

Regular meditation can have powerful long-lasting effects. Meditation helps to activate our rest-and-digest system and begin the brings us back to a more calm, balanced, and rejuvenated body and mind.

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