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Yoga +Children's Yoga + Accessible Yoga for Seniors and Disabled + Sculpt Instructor
Nicole Roach
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Vinyasa Yoga connects one posture to the next using the breath.



I've been practicing the art of yoga since 2001. I've been teaching Vinyasa Flow yoga since 2016.

Want to know my origin story? Read here.




Yoga is so much more than stretching. It is connecting with your true self, honoring your body and your needs. Once you surrender to your mat, life really gets good! 


Nicole Roach 

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"I've taken many of Nicole's classes. She is so inspirational that I decided to have private lessons at my home.
At fist, I figured the most I would get out of yoga was flexibility and strength but what I got was so much more. Nicole has helped me in so many ways. My anxiety is in check and I can sleep so much better now. I am overwhelmed with the quality of my life now. Everyone relationship, every situation is just better."
Hanna R.  
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Servicing County of Missoula, Potomac Valley, Seelely Lake, Greenough, Montana \\ Tel: 760-208-9291


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